Expert translations for PR and marketing


My specialty:
marketing and transcreation 

You, too, can benefit from my many years of experience in this field. This type of communication calls for special linguistic and stylistic skills that go far beyond an ordinary translator’s repertoire. They include a finely tuned ear for language, creativity, thorough knowledge of the audience’s mentality and culture, and familiarity with the subject matter or product category. These skills enable me to produce compelling content for your:

  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Corporate image and product brochures
  • Press releases and PR texts
  • Web content
  • Subtitling

Industry-specific expertise

Translating and adapting marketing materials and advertising texts requires, among other things, considerable knowledge of the industry in question. I have extensive experience in:

  • IT and technology
  • Oncology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology
  • Manufacturing, business and commerce
  • Sports, mountaineering and outdoor industries
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Software localization

I’m a meticulous researcher, and I work closely with my clients to deliver the best possible results. This approach, combined with my willingness to go the extra mile to thoroughly understand everything I translate and to systematically familiarize myself with new subjects as required, produces results that delight my clients and further their goals.

Professional and specialized translators make a huge difference in marketing, advertising and PR. Don’t leave your important multilingual marketing campaigns to chance. I’ll be happy to help you.

English, Spanish, German


I translate for companies of all sizes, primarily from:

  • English to German
  • German to English
  • Spanish to German

To maintain my skills and the high quality of my work, I make a point of spending time in English- and Spanish-speaking countries on a regular basis to stay in touch with the culture and the spoken language. My native language is German.

Working with a network of colleagues, I can also offer translations beyond the scope I provide myself. However, to uphold my high standard of quality, I only accept jobs in languages and fields where I am able to reliably check the quality of work in-house before passing it on to you.

The cost of a translation depends on various factors, including the source and target languages, the subject, the text’s level of difficulty, how urgently you need it, and so on.

There are short, straightforward texts that don’t require any specialist knowledge, and there are complex texts that call for in-depth familiarity with a highly technical field. Advertising projects, on the other hand, are stylistically and creatively demanding and take longer to complete because they require extensive effort to craft just the right text for the target audience.

Feel free to contact me for a free quote. I’ll need a bit of information to give me an idea of what you need translated and how, including the type and amount of text, the source and target languages, and your deadline. Once I have that, I can quickly prepare a quote for you.