Expert translations for PR and marketing


Professional translations

You want to raise your profile in global markets? Inform prospective or existing customers in their own language? Make your products even easier to use? Interact with international business partners? In today’s globalized world, it makes perfect sense that you want to be on the winning side.

An indispensable ingredient for success is professional, accurate and effective translations. Whether you need translations for your website, product information, corporate communications or other kinds of content, you can count on me for expert support in attaining your business goals.

Tailored to your needs

By working with a qualified translator, you save time and money, need less editing, and benefit from compelling content that doesn’t sound translated but instead gives you added value. As a professional translator specializing in marketing, I can respond flexibly to your wishes and ideas.

Any translation of your marketing materials reflects back on your company, so it’s crucial for it to have the same impact as your original marketing message. That’s a challenge. It requires content that’s linguistically and culturally adapted to the targeted audience and market so you can meet your global business goals. With my writing skills and transcreation expertise, I’ll help to ensure that your message reaches your audience the way you intended – even when it’s between the lines.

Manuela Wilpert: translator, transcreator, marketing specialist

My focus on marketing has run like a golden thread through my entire career. After earning my degree in translation, I honed my skills as a marketing translator and project manager at various companies before setting up my own successful business as a freelance marketing translator and transcreator 20 years ago.

I’ve lived in various corners of the world over the years, gaining experience in a number of fields. Places I’ve called home range from major metropolitan areas in the United States to the Patagonian pampas and a wildlife conservation area in Australia. My worldwide personal and professional experience has given me unique knowledge and abilities that you can benefit from as my client:

  • Over two decades of experience and training in several areas of specialization
  • A high level of linguistic skill and understanding of different cultures
  • Extensive marketing expertise and a fine sense of nuance and style
  • Responsibility for the marketing and PR activities of my industry’s regional professional association

Your complete satisfaction and a close long-term collaboration are what I strive for. My regular clients have come to trust in my professionalism and appreciate the high quality of my work, and they keep coming back for more. It would be a privilege to count you among my clients. Please feel free to get in touch anytime.